Capillary Dyamics of Acupuncture

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Due to its efficacy, acupuncture has been recommended by the World Health Organization in as an effective alternative therapy for 43 different disorders. Over the past few decades, various theories of the meridian system and mechanisms have been proposed to explain how acupuncture might work. Most of these mechanisms, however, cannot yet explain conclusively why acupuncture is efficacious in treating so many different diseases. A plausible mechanism has been unavailable until recently. This is the first of a three-part series that aims to provide a comparative review of the aforementioned topics.

Part 1 reviews the current indications for acupuncture, basic concepts of TCM, and the essence of the meridian system. The result of this false paradigm has been a rash of poorly designed studies that have little or nothing to do with the effects of acupuncture and whose inevitable outcomes are poor at best.

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These unconvincing studies are dutifully reported in high impact factor journals where their myths are perpetuated, while studies conducted by acupuncturists and less politically motivated researchers are relegated to low impact factor journals. The therapeutic actions of acupuncture are not neurologic in nature or action.

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Clearly there are some effects which have been demonstrated in part by the gate theories relative to pain relief which appear to be at least in part neurologically mediated, but as this paper demonstrates, other factors such as psychology, inflammation, chemotaxis and circulation play equal parts in pain relief. In all the classic texts the circulation of qi and blood is emphasized as central to health, and any degradations of free and patent flow are a cause or sign of disease. Even if the ancient writers of the old texts had a more modern understanding of neurology, they would have attributed the functions of the nervous system to the flow of qi, and if they had considered the functions of the nervous system to be the primary conduits of acupuncture treatment they would not have given equal emphasis to both qi and blood.

Capillary blood flow in patients with dysmenorrhea treated with acupuncture. - PubMed - NCBI

Medical scientists—which most modern medical doctors actually are—like to emphasize that theirs is an evidence based science mostly because of their reliance on statistical outcomes. The medical industry knows this, but the only solution offered is more drugs and more surgery.

In spite of their own evidence, garnered through their own scientific methods, medical training continues to give short shrift to diet and exercise as viable therapies. The runaway costs of medical care have reached the point where they threaten the life of our entire economy. In conditions where plasma proteins are reduced e.

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Oncotic pressure exerted by proteins in blood plasma tends to pull water into the circulatory system. Boundless Anatomy and Physiology. Cardiovascular System: Blood Vessels. Capillary Exchange. Concept Version Hydrostatic and osmotic pressure are opposing factors that drive capillary dynamics. Learning Objective Describe hydrostatic pressure and osmotic pressure, the factors of capillary dynamics.

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Key Points Capillary exchange refers to the exchange of material from the blood into the tissues in the capillary. There are three mechanisms that facilitate capillary exchange: diffusion , transcytosis and bulk flow. Capillary dynamics are controlled by the four Starling forces. Oncotic pressure is a form of osmotic pressure exerted by proteins either in the blood plasma or interstitial fluid. Hydrostatic pressure is a force generated by the pressure of fluid on the capillary walls either by the blood plasma or interstitial fluid.