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Because I was confidant that — no matter what- I was going to be married at the end, I was never stressed or worried. My husband and I were able to enjoy the entire process. I hate it when people say that the wedding is the best day of your life, because then you begin your marriage thinking the best day is already behind you! My wife and I got married at the Justice of the Peace 21 years ago. There were 4 of us, my wife, I, my nine year old stepson and my daughter not born yet that my bride to be was pregnant with at that time. I barely had money for parking at the time. Anyway, now we have been together 21 years and have three grown kids and two grandkids from my stepson.

We actually went to Old County Buffet with my mother in law after. We do much better financially now and live in a nice area in a nice house and I own my own business. I worked very hard all my life to provide for my family and we sacrificed and compromised through things most would have divorced over long ago due to the stress.


No doubt, the new is one of many hair care products in the most popular. Original internal use NTC temperature and high temperature fuse not only can quickly heat up, and to protect the personal safety of. I agree with you, Amanda. It really bothers me when people talk about their low budget wedding and say it was great because everyone remembered what the day was supposed to be about. Blah blah blah. And it has nothing to do with how much you love your fiance or how strong of a couple you think you are.

At the end of the day, I say do what makes you happy.

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Whose right is it for anyone to judge? A wedding, big or not, does not determine the strenghth and happiness of your marriage. Unfortunately, yes, the divorce rate is up. But maybe people should take marriage more seriously at the end of the day. She had more than guests, due to the combining of two large families. Our uncle preached the ceremony at his own church. His wife decorated the halls with the silk flowers and candles that the church already had. One of the cousins had professional training and made the cake as a gift. Grandmom the other side did all the flower arrangements.

Wedding vows to stepchildren examples

One of their college buddies majored in Art with his camera and photographed the wedding, they just paid for the prints. Catering was all done by Grandma and Great aunt Verna. Several cousins all pitched in to serve at the reception. One of the boys who attended that church worked the sound system at the cost of feeding him dinner. But he and his wife went barefoot, so they really saved in the shoe department! Both sides considered it as part of their gift to the bride and groom. My aunt bought a bunch of dollar store hula party decorations and created a classy and fun wedding hall.

He husband even moved his large fish tank over to the hall! This ceremony was also presided over by an uncle in his own church.

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It was pretty cool how everything got together. Even their honeymoon was cheep, a family relation lent them their cabin for the weekend.

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  • But the best part of my brothers wedding was the continued focus on the real reason for it all. Getting my brother and his wife married in the presence of their of their loved ones. It was about the joining of two families. Getting married these days is drama, you marry today and the next day everything broke up. I will provide snack platters myself. The reception is going to be at the park so the kids can play and have fun.

    I am making the invitations myself. Weddings shouldnt get out of hand whatsoever. We live in a large city but 10 years ago paid 3, for a spectacular wedding with only 50 guests.

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    • Creativity is the most important part of saving money. If you are willing to do the work you can save thousands.

      The Goddess & The Green Man

      A friend paid 40K for a moderate wedding 5 years later. We planted tons of flowers in the backyard, made our own favors, and most of the services were wedding gifts—the officiant, the flower arranging, the catering, the photographer. It was because they felt at ease with the venue and they felt included in the festivities. My only regret was not hiring a a professional photographer so that nothing was missed. We might forget what we ate or the names of the guests one day but the pictures are forever.

      A DJ will entertain you for hours and they are gone! This is how good the images are we hired one of the top 10 wedding photographers in Canada!! We did save up all the money as we started saving 4 years before we got married. I recently went to a wedding where a goldfish was placed in a tall cylindrical glass vase as a center piece. The hubby was a fishing enthusiast. Cut out the alcohol or make people pay for it. Lastly, these days it seems there are fewer people in the bridal party.

      My cousins just had a bridesmaid and a best man. It was nice…made the wedding not as lengthy. Churches normally have a family life center or seperate building with tables and chairs already, probably with a kitchen perfect for your reception. I am very lucky in that my family is very creative. We have a family friend that will do a simple two-tier cake with cupcakes in the same flavor. I have friends who do photography professionally.

      We have a very large garden, so I do plan to make use of it and grow my own flowers for the reception. I am enamored of hydrangeas, especially Annabelle when it turns from white to green! All in all, we want to have this reception debt free and able to enjoy celebrating our union with the family and friends we love!

      Good luck to all the other B2B and H2B out there! Not the preferred route when you are middle-aged and fighting off an illness. A formal lavish venue is just not my style. Each of us has had major life changes recently so on the comeback trail, we cannot afford a big expense. Also a big family wedding is too stressful for my physical condition right now, need a lot of rest and to avoid emotional and physical stressors which set me backwards.

      Memorial Ceremonies and Events

      Family has put together a cash wedding gift we can use towards food and other honeymoon expenses…. We would like a beach or mountaintop — the former a destination like the caribbean, or the latter nearby blue ridge, or elsewhere in the west. If you want the caribbean during hurricane season, look at the Netherlands Antilles islands, in the southern caribbean just above Venezuela, because the hurricanes usually pass them by… However, think about avoiding flights out of miami if possible during those times.


      Needless to say, look at off the beaten track areas of the US as well. It was also easy to get local pastor referrals or just find them online, and to interview and select one. Stick it in the fridge overnight before your wedding day. You can dry it in a simple paper bag and bring it home in a plastic box from walmart, if you want to save it — I have friends who still have theirs after 18 years. Some international and caribbean islands have more complex wedding requirements legally than others — e. If you were divorced you need to bring proof of divorce with you, along with your photo ID such as state drivers license.

      Photography was important to me to remember the occasion and also share it with family and friends later. If in hawaii or caribbean, beach access is free in most locations unless you want a hotel grounds location, which is expensive and more suited to large parties. I found that many destination wedding coordinators not counting hotel-based coordinators who advertise as and seem inexpensive actually end up being expensive because of what they charge for photos and other key items which have significant markup. It looks, however, like wedding coordinators are better to use and a better deal when you are having guests and a party along with your destination wedding.

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