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The challenges that organisations face today are enormous: increasing global competition, emerging markets, technology, and the political and economic landscape. Leaders at all levels need to be able to think fast and act smart — often in VUCA situations that are volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, where no effective policy or procedure.

That makes critical thinking a real necessity. Starting with the top of the house and cascading down throughout the organisation, you will find a comprehensive solution to fit your needs.

I Asked 100 Founders, CEOs and VCs About Career Transitions — Here’s What I Learned

The Executive Briefing Series are designed to be delivered over a hour session and aim to provide leaders at all levels insights on how to transform and develop their leadership skills by learning from renowned business and political leaders — the men and women whose drive, vision and tenacity have created the great success stories of modern business. Great Leaders, by definition, have a vision that is not shared by everyone. There are difficulties and adversaries to overcome; they face many obstacles, including self-doubt, but preserve in the hope of achieving their goal.

Their leadership journey reads like the plot of a novel. Choose one or more of our popular business topics or request a custom topic that zeros in on your current business challenge. CEE partners with clients to deliver Keynote Presentations as a powerful way to kick off their conference, retreat, or team-building sessions.

To inquire further about CEE Suite of Executive Development Solutions, please contact us at 65 or send us an email at enquiry cee-global. Home About CEE. Our Value Proposition CEE collaborates with clients in adapting various contemporary organisational development approaches to their specific business contexts. And because every employer is unique, we can customize our seminars and workshops specifically for your corporate benefits programs and employee needs.

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Good advice is worth sharing, so we put ours in writing We literally wrote the book to guide executives and entrepreneurs through the maze of personal financial decisions with tools for virtually every circumstance and need. Learn More. Executive Wealth Management. Since executives face a distinct set of challenges that require a specific set of counseling services and resources, we regularly advise them on additional areas including: Compensation and benefits Equity incentive planning Tax-sensitive solutions for concentrated positions Equity trading plans Preliquidity planning.

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Sample program structures include: Designated Senior Executive Services Participants receive a comprehensive financial counseling relationship, providing both dynamic planning and implementation services that include tax planning and preparation, benefit strategies, investment planning and asset allocation, complex estate planning and risk management coordination, retirement planning analysis and strategy implementation, and philanthropic planning. Designated Personnel Participants receive services dedicated to the development of a financial plan. In addition, but certainly not least you sit in wonder questioning whether or not their skeletal frameworks are calcium or silly putty based.

The conclusion we drew, and the derived lessons learned for commercial enterprises were three-fold. How they approach their craft has many lessons learned for commercial enterprise leaders! The scary truth based upon Discussion Partners advisory experience is for the most part global leaders are slow learners as it relateds to collaboration. The five principles that DPC reinforces when speaking or facilitating on the topic of Collaboration were present in abundance during the performance.

If not why are we so challenged in the commercial sector to achieve collaboration beyond lip service and generous self-serving interpretations of the word? What was most compelling in the Pilobolus experience is for Collaboration to be achieved their shared mindset was, egos must be minimized, engagement maximized, respect optimized, and mutual trust epitomized. It has been a difficult period for tolerance in the United States. In the US we are still reeling from the Charleston shooting and Charlottesville white supremacist march, the reactions to which have aggravated the racial tensions.

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The progress of the Me Too Movement does not appear to have made much of a difference in racial relations. Years ago, there was a TV series called LA Law which some of you are old enough to remember, if not there is always Hulu. In one episode defense lawyers compel a judge to recuse himself from a trial of a black defendant and presented him with statistical evidence of his decisions and sentencing outcomes being blatantly racist.

If presented with such evidence, one would expect the character or in real life someone who feels they are open minded to be defensive. In this episode, the judge did the right thing and recused himself.

Executive Transitions 2: Leveraging Experience For Future Success!

He was self-aware enough to know he was not self-aware. We are all intolerant to a degree. This trait is not part of our DNA but a learned behavior. We were fortunate to find an executive who was willing to share his experiences. What is of particular interest is this executive previously held Congressional office and was known as an advocate for tolerance on all levels.

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Executive Interview During my formative years I was privileged. Consequently, my personal philosophy and points of view about race relations, immigration and other issues were based on reading, discussions, not experience. I always thought of myself as tolerant regarding people who were different whether it was race, political orientation, sexual preference, etc.

This was in the days before I-Phones. Lost meant lost. I had an associate with me who was driving the rental car. We wandered into a distressed neighborhood and stopped to get our bearings. I noticed three young men of color not far away whom were clearly aware of our presence. We were unsettled. They started walking toward us; and in an attempt to drive away, we crashed the car. They kept coming.

Nonprofit Leadership Transitions and Organizational Sustainability

They got us to the airport, arranged for a rental car company. They were great. Flying back home, I could not help thinking about how scared I was and why. Clearly it was the neighborhood, the circumstances and more importantly, the three young men being black. I asked myself this question: Even in a rough neighborhood, if they were white, dressed in khakis wearing IZod shirts, would I have reacted the same way?

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What also got my attention was when I relayed what happened to others. When I look back on that event, I realized that even with a narrow definition of the word, I am a racist. The question before me at that time and now is to channel this awareness, minimizing the damage it can cause and maybe even using the awareness to do some good.

The openness of the Congressman was refreshing. His candor allows for the derivation of forceful questions:. Self-awareness is an asset; self-respect, an aspiration; self-direction, in a positive way, an obligation even when it challenges who you really are as a person. Given the geo-political dynamics of , portends to continue to be a roller coaster ride!