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Unilever says the changes have helped speed up its reactions to new threats and opportunities. At the same time it has scaled back the number of global launches but increased their size, rolling out pints of Magnum ice cream and a Dove variant for babies across 20 markets in one year. There have been missteps. Local teams have on occasion hustled to push out new products—without some of the time-consuming market research of the past—and have been disappointed. Unilever says such mistakes pay off. Ter Kulve said.

In some other key battles, Unilever is being outfoxed. Halo Top, a privately held low-sugar, high-protein ice cream, exploded from a kitchen experiment seven years ago to become a household name. Marketing of the multibillion-dollar brand is still built around its founders, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, who sold the higher-priced, natural-ingredients ice cream to Unilever in It sells products in countries, making most of its revenue from emerging markets where its roots stretch back to colonial days.

Over the decades, it has worked to tweak its biggest global brands to account for regional tastes. In Indonesia, for example, it says its Sunsilk shampoo is formulated for hijab-wearing women who complained about oily and sweaty scalps.

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One strategy it and other big companies have used to strike back: buy the upstarts. After rebuffing Kraft Heinz, Mr. Unilever executives, however, believe the only way to win the war is to take the fight behind enemy lines.

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  4. Take shampoo. In recent years, a handful of small high-end brands in the U. Online subscription beauty services like Birchbox and specialty stores like Sephora provide new avenues for pricey niche brands that cultivate a more personal link to consumers. Unilever has tried to turn the tables. At Wal-Mart Stores Inc. Trying to blow up that perception, Ms.

    Bremner and a team of three fell back on a tried-and-true, big-brand gimmick: an internet-era version of the grocery-aisle blind-taste test. They repackaged Suave in squat, understated white-and- peach bottles, labeled it evaus—Suave spelled backward—and sent it out to beauty bloggers.

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    Fashion blogger Kathleen Harper recalls getting evaus shampoo, conditioner and hair serum last year. After trying evaus, Ms. Harper was invited to a studio in Manhattan to be part of what she was told was a casting call to advertise the new brand. Halfway through an on-camera discussion, a producer let her in on the prank.

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    Unilever made a video of her surprise reaction, along with those of other bloggers, and used it as part of an online campaign for Suave. In India, the insurgent is Patanjali Ayurved Ltd. Eleven years ago, he started selling a line of soaps, creams, jams and juices based on Ayurveda, an ancient Indian system of medicine rooted in complex herb and mineral therapies. Patanjali now sells about products, including a soap containing dung and urine from cows.

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    Hindustan Unilever Ltd. In , Unilever bought Ayurvedic hair-oil brand Indulekha. Unilever executives contributed know-how about the smells and textures Indian consumers liked, based on decades of traditional market research. Ayurvedic doctors at a year-old pharmacy in Coimbatore, in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu, meshed that with recipes dating back thousands of years.

    They concocted a face wash made from turmeric and other ingredients, boiled together for days.

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    For a new soap, they used clarified butter treated with water more than times to soften the emulsion. The marketing spiel: a 5,year-old Ayurvedic solution to modern beauty problems. Unilever has rolled out 36 new Ayurvedic shampoos, soaps, moisturizers and other products in a little over a year.

    It eschewed market research ahead of time, relying instead on customer feedback. After what the company said was a good reception in southern India, it is now introducing the line nationwide. Pitkethly said. Write to Saabira Chaudhuri at saabira. All Rights Reserved. Dow Jones, a News Corp company. The latest right-wing talker to be given his own cable show, Glenn Beck, averaged a paltry , viewers for CNN's Headline News in his first two months on the air.

    After watching The Situation With Tucker Carlson float in the ratings toilet for the first year of its existence, MSNBC execs recently decided to overhaul the show, now named simply Tucker presumably on the theory that what the program needed was more Tucker. Do these numbers portend the decline of conservative media? In the autumn of the Bush administration, are Americans getting a little tired of the relentless cheerleading of the right-wing squawkers, the protestations that things are going great in Iraq, that we're all enjoying the fruits of trickle-down economics, that under Republican rule America basks in a glow of happiness and virtue?

    The numbers seem to suggest as much. But before we start celebrating, we should stop and consider that the current historical moment provides a poor context for conservative talk shows. Their biggest problem is that their arguments necessarily grow more strained the longer Republicans hold power. Among the core leitmotifs of conservative media is the idea of conservatives as underdogs -- the notion that the real power out there rests not with the leaders of government or the captains of industry, but with a sinister cabal of liberals who somehow manage, through nefarious techniques seldom fully revealed, to control our lives and subvert our country.

    These liberals wage war on Christmas, they undermine our brave boys overseas, they infect our children's minds with anti-Americanism, they keep good honest hardworking folk down. Only the undaunted courage of people like Bill O'Reilly, unafraid to stand up to these vicious despots, stands between us and national oblivion. In September, O'Reilly will release his new book, Culture Warrior , which will no doubt prove to be a measured and thoughtful discussion of our contemporary social conflicts.

    This posture made sense from a conservative point of view during the early years of the Clinton administration, when conservatives could more plausibly argue that the liberals bent on destroying America actually had the means to do so. And indeed, that was the period when Rush Limbaugh and his imitators experienced their explosive rise.

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    But pushing the line of liberal perfidy is no easy task when your party controls all three branches of government. Since , conservatives have been fighting a desperate campaign of misdirection, waving their arms furiously to keep their followers' gaze somewhere other than at those who actually hold power. This kind of talk, while disgusting, is by now old hat, which only serves to make the point: The right-wing cable fulminators are over-dogs. It's you. You have your own television show. You're the biggest guy in the media. Even when they are in power, conservatives feel the need to convince themselves, and anyone else who will listen, that they are terribly oppressed by the enemy within, nearly helpless before the liberal Brobdingnagians holding them down.

    If you really believe this to be true, the fact that your friends are holding power makes both the ever-impending national moral catastrophe and your own suffering no less pressing.

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    But there's the rub: Only the truest of true-believing conservatives could actually believe such a thing. So should power in Washington change hands, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity, and the rest of the conservative media elite will no doubt be breaking out the champagne. They hated Clinton mostly because he kept beating them, and reality was no bar to the creation of faux scandals too numerous to mention. No matter which Democrat gets elected, he or she will come under the same assault.

    However absurd the attacks grow, they'll make for a good show, and the conservative media will likely gain back whatever audience they've lost. The more important question is, what will happen to the left? At the moment it seems a reasonable possibility that Democrats could take one or both houses of Congress this November, then follow that up by winning the White House in Should that occur, not only would George W.