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It is important to compare the costs and benefits of doing the upkeep yourself, because both your time and money are scarce resources. While you can save money by doing some basic work e. For example, hiring an interior designer for a renovation project can be worth your money because the job requires high professional skills, and the cost of re-doing represents high risk and financial loss.

A decent renovation project can also help reduce your property's vacancy, and therefore your financial loss. In general, you should consider hiring someone to do the job if the cost of hiring is lower than the total cost of doing the job on your own, plus your time.

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This article explores in-depth the four important questions you should ask Can I do it well enough? Will it take me away from doing my job?

Can I afford the expense? Will learning benefit my business? Every time your tenants move in and out, make sure to record the status of your property by taking pictures of each area and sharing them with your tenants. Landlords in Singapore typically include a "non-performance" clause in the lease contract. This means that if your tenant does not abide by any of the provisions in the contract including defaulting on rent, damaging your property, etc.

However, in order to rightfully claim your loss, you should document the status of your property, and be clear about your expectations for your tenant. While some might think it creates awkward conversations, making everything crystal clear helps to avoid confusion when it comes time for repair. It is also a good way to encourage good tenant behavior by holding irresponsible or messy tenants accountable to protect the look and feel of your property. Understanding some of the important interest rates in Singapore is critical to determining your financial position as a landlord.

In a rising interest rate environment, property prices tend to peak out and start declining.

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This indicates an unfavorable condition for landlords, because rent can decline along with lower property prices. On the other hand, declining interest rate means increasing property prices and possibly higher rental income, and a more favorable condition for renting out your home. In either case, having a mortgage will likely further deepen your net position favorable to more favorable, unfavorable to more unfavorable.

For example, a rising interest rate environment means you'll also have to pay more on your home mortgage on a monthly basis. Combined with the likely decrease in your rental income, you are worse off as a landlord. On the other hand, when the interest rate is declining, you'll not only make more rental income, but also pay less on your mortgage, boosting your bottom line. No matter what you do, following the market and the interest rates closely can help you determine an economically sound strategy for your property in a given market environment.

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View the discussion thread. If someone is injured on your property, for example, the legal and medical fees accrued can be enough to put small-to-medium sized businesses out of business entirely. Liability insurance keeps your business safe and helps offset the costs of defense fees in many situations.

Liability insurance can be complicated as there are often overlapping terms for similar types of coverage. Professional liability insurance is a blanket term that covers a wide variety of professionals and businesses working in numerous industries. It is also referred to as errors and omissions insurance and malpractice insurance, which are different versions of the same thing.

This is wider than it sounds.

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These types of situations result in lawsuits all the time, which is why errors and omissions insurance is vital for anyone offering professional advice or services. Regardless of its name, malpractice insurance has the same purpose as professional liability insurance: to protect you in the event you are taken to court over a service or consultation you provide.

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Mistakes happen. If you work in a profession where your expertise has the potential to put others at risk, either through financial risk or bodily harm, you need professional liability insurance. Examples of businesses and individuals requiring professional liability insurance include:. There is more at stake than meets the eye, but you can protect your business with a liability insurance policy.

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It depends on a number of factors including the type of business you have. Best to consult with an insurance professional to talk about your specific needs. In addition to the financial blow you might suffer in the event of a lawsuit, some clients may choose not do business with you without proof of liability insurance.

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Not necessarily, but it comes highly recommended by the Canada Business Network, a division of the Government of Canada. Additionally, numerous contracts require proof of liability insurance in order to secure a business deal. Whether you're a lawyer or a landscaper, your clients want to know that the work you're doing is insured in the event something goes wrong. Check out our commercial insurance page to learn more about the other types of business insurance that are available so you can ensure your business is fully protected. Ontario Liability Insurance. Find quotes to protect your business from legal action.

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What is Ontario liability insurance? Liability insurance is your business's lifeline Liability insurance refers to what is typically known in the insurance industry as General Liability Insurance or Commercial General Liability Insurance, but there are other types of business liability insurance as well.

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Ontario liability insurance helps you offset legal costs and defend yourself and your business. Business insurers typically offer the first two legal benefits, and some insurers provide the third as well.