Siblings: Brothers and Sisters in American History

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At 18, the vibrant Henry was already the great hope of the Stuart dynasty. His brother Charles , by contrast, was a sickly year-old considered unlikely to survive.

Oh, brother (or sister)! Their parents must have been so proud.

Perhaps early insecurities left the adult Charles, as a monarch, particularly susceptible both to the influence of his favourite Buckingham [George Villiers, Duke of Buckingham] and his Catholic wife, Henrietta Maria, and to an inflated conception of the monarchy. When William and Mary died without children, the crown passed to another younger sibling.

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He and his Hanoverian descendants would reign, however, on very different terms from those earlier rulers had enjoyed. You might think that in the modern age the importance of the royal second sibling is outdated — we are, after all, past the days of high infant mortality. George V was born the second son of the future Edward VII, but his elder brother, Albert Victor, known as Prince Eddy, died of pneumonia in his twenties, while his grandmother, Queen Victoria, was still on the throne.

By that time Eddy had been linked to the Cleveland Street scandal, which involved a homosexual brothel, amid wider concerns over his character and abilities.

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  • He has, however unconvincingly, even been identified as Jack the Ripper. The first half of the 20th century saw two second sons accede to the throne — both important in shaping the form of the present monarchy.

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    When he abdicated in order to marry the divorced Wallis Simpson, his younger brother was forced to step up to the plate. That example of dutiful service is still an ideal for his daughter, Elizabeth, today. Sarah Gristwood is a best-selling Tudor biographer, novelist, broadcaster and commentator on royal affairs.

    To find out more, visit sarahgristwood. Royal sibling rivalry: Henry VIII, Richard III and other monarchs whose fate was determined by their brothers and sisters Through history, the role of the second or third royal sibling has not always been easy. October 21, at pm. Richard III. The teashop empire.

    Second World War. General Modern. Plus, how old is too old? Jerome and another fourth-century theologian, Helvidius, who had written that after the virgin birth of Jesus, Mary had other children with her husband, Joseph. Jerome disagreed, indicating that by the fourth century at least some of the church community believed that Mary had stayed a virgin for the rest of her life. He claimed that the Greek word adelphios could refer to cousins, not just biological siblings.

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    Epiphanius, bishop of Salamis and a contemporary of Jerome and Helvidius, threw another possibility into the hat. These three general arguments continue to be defended and disputed by scholars today, whose positions depend mostly on their particular traditions and how they interpret early church theology. Have a question you'd like to get answered? Ask us at editors uscatholic. Meghan Murphy-Gill is a writer living in Chicago. Read more from her at meghanmurphygill. View the discussion thread. Skip to main content.

    Did Jesus have brothers and sisters? For centuries theologians have debated whether or not Jesus had any siblings.

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    But what does scripture say about his complicated family tree? By Meghan Murphy-Gill Print. Article Your Faith. Glad you Asked.