The Tentmaking Pastor: The Joy of Bivocational Ministry

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First, pray without ceasing. Set a schedule, and stick to it.

Study and sermon prep time must be firmly entrenched in your schedule. Also, do not neglect your family.

The Tentmaking Pastor: The Joy Of Bivocational Ministry

Carve time into the schedule for them. It benefits you as well as them. And although it sounds counter-intuitive to a busy person, exercise and get plenty of rest. These will keep your body healthy for the challenges you will face and help with focus. It is a lot, but remember that we expect our members to work, care for their families, and serve at Church. Setting an example in this area cannot hurt! The degree opened the door and then I earned my other certificates and licenses on the way.

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One should never stop learning. While working 40 — 60 hours a week I spent at least 20 hours a week as most good church members do serving as teacher in bible groups, choir, outreach, and community service. I led seventeen people to Christ while working at the college. However, I seen some that work at the church during the week, attend church, preach etc.

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At first, I was grieved to know that one of my bible teachers in college had a paper route to supplement his income. The year and half I spent training with a faith-based mission board no salary an no income taught me that when God calls, He provides.

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As a bi-vo in a small church 85 , most of these hit home. My secular job is teaching public school in the area of the church. It is taxing to do both, but I also believe that each makes me sharper at the other. Our son was called into ministry his freshman year of college. As Christians and pastors families sometimes we are only around other Christians and their circles. Being out in the community in a secular role would definitely help us reach more people.

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Rainer, Thanks for starting the week off with this article. Personally, I believe Christians in business stand at the forefront of world mission. Thanks again for all you do. Keep going. I love these insights. As a state convention missionary in a pioneer state, the majority of pastors I serve are tentmaker. Contractually, I am not allowed to take on secular employ, but I am blessed with a generous, mission minded supervisor who encourages our staff to volunteer where possible. This is something my Pastor-husband and I are currently praying through.

It is scary at times… We do have some opportunities that will allow him to work and have more flexibility than the church currently allows. A topic we have recently discussed is the fact that we all have a calling, not just the Pastor.

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A man quickly corrected me. If a church is unwilling to offer a pastor financial support, then he will necessarily have less time to devote to his ministry. Thank you for this post. There are few Bible teaching churches in this region, and those that are — are quite small. Our Church is now tipping the scales at every Sunday. These points here are all quite valid. I think the best aspect of my situation is 7. I know a few fellow workers in the southern states who feel they do not lead, but follow those who hold the most political sway.

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But in my situation, I still have those who have political sway, but their different crusades have little to no overall impact on my ability to feed my family. Therefore, I am able to confront, correct, and persuade with much more freedom. Michael asked a few questions; 1. Work life balance — First I force myself to work out.

My secular job is a desk job so I have to keep some type of physical activity or I would burnout with stress. We can disagree about what this all means, but you need to take a rest 1 day in 7. I spend more time with the kids, I mow the lawn, and I go hiking and so on.

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Education — My situation is unique. I was called to ministry mid-career. So I am transitioning into ministry vs.

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However, there are several good programs out there that are virtual, designed for those in ministry. Thinking — Not sure here. In my area it is rare to find a full time pastor. Most of my adult life has been immersed in full-time ministry. Inside the bubble, it is easy to be complacent instead of heart-broken for a world in need. I wonder if anyone has any good thoughts on a list of jobs that are part time and are compatible with pastoring.

Not everyone can be an IT tech. Perhaps we can hear some other ideas in the comments. I believe your first point is critical for all pastors. We need to develop friendships within our communities outside of the church… Not only for the bivocational pastor, but even us who are full time. Thanks for the insights and research you share. A BIG challenge here is not the ministers needing to get on board with this idea, but the churches.

I know a number of churches that can hardly pay a full time salary pastors who work with no benefits, and scrape by on less than teacher salaries but still expect a 40 hour work week from their pastor. After talking with several solo bi-vocational pastors it seems this team approach alleviates a lot of the issues that can arise with pastoral burnout.

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Also, it really helps to have a supportive church! I began my ministry following seminary as a full time pastor. Since then I have pastured other churches full time, I have held a full time job and pastured bivo, now I pastor a church that pays me full time but allows me to work a part time job with a funeral home because they know the salary is not what it needs to be. I also learned these churches need pastors.

That is why 8 sticks out to me.