The Unholy Trinity: God The Church & The Holy Bible.

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It was he who introduced all the sin and sorrow and suffering into this world. The devil is a master strategist and a deceiver. Down through the centuries, the dragon has hated and persecuted the nation Israel, because the nation was chosen of God to be the people out of whom the Messiah should come. Later verses in Revelation 12 tell more about the conflict throughout the ages. It was the devil who moved Cain to slay Abel in the days of Adam and Eve. It was the devil who stirred Pharaoh to slay the Hebrew male children in the days of Moses. It was the devil who moved Saul to try and slay David in the days of the kings of Israel.

Several times the royal line leading to Christ, just barely escaped extinction. The words of Rev. The closing verses of Revelation 12 tell about the ultimate downfall of Satan, and the triumph of the saints. Read Rev. Satan will vent his wrath against Israel, and he will work feverishly Rev.

The Unholy Trinity Is The Beast, His Image, And His Mark

The hearts of the Jewish people will be filled with fear so that many will flee into the wilderness for protection from his wrath. The place of refuge may very well be an uninhabited region in the land of Moab, southeast of Jerusalem—a place carved out of red sandstone rocks known as Petra. He is a god all right, but he is a false god! But God has pledged to safely preserve a remnant of his chosen people, even through the horrors of the Tribulation.

We have just seen how Satan will be cast out of heaven, and in his rage, he persecutes the people of God. Revelation 13 tells how Satan will do his evil work by delegating power to a political leader, and also to a religious leader—each an agent of Satan here on earth during the Tribulation. The first part of Revelation 13 tells about the rise of a great world political leader, a leader who sometimes is called the Antichrist, sometimes the Man of Sin, and sometimes The Beast out of the Sea. The nations of the world will be restless and troubled like the waves of the ocean , and out from the milling masses of people, this great personality will emerge.

The Antichrist will be a king; he will be a shrewd and clever leader of men; his behavior will be frightful. He will have the characteristics of a leopard and a bear and a lion all combined into one personality—and he will receive his power from the devil himself Rev. To the Jews, he will pose as a Messiah; the whole world will go after him; men will worship him as a god; people of the earth will believe that in this leader their troubles are past!

The Antichrist will arise at a time when the world is in chaos and will bring peace and a measure of prosperity to the earth. He will have the oratorical ability of a Kennedy, the intelligence of an Einstein, the moral stature of a Ghandi, and the administrative ability of a Kissinger. We are told that civilization is doomed unless all nations unite under one federal head.

The complex economic problems, the interdependence of nations for supplies of fuel, the rapid increase of international trade and travel—all these factors are contributing to the constant cry for world government. The world is ready and anxious, and looking for this great political leader.

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Daniel in chapter 7 saw four great world empires. And out from the midst of the reconstructed fourth Empire, the Man of Sin the Antichrist would arise Daniel Daniel says that the only god that the Man of Sin will know, is the god of military might Dan. He will conquer nations and topple kings; he will create an international league of nations; the flag of the Antichrist will someday fly over the capitals of nearly every nation on earth Rev.

A number of men in the past including Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Adolph Hitler , have aspired to this kind of world supremacy. Someday a world dictator is going to appear. The rise of the Antichrist on the earth during the closing days of this age will be one of the most spectacular things ever to happen in human history! There are many passages in the Bible that describe the Antichrist and his work.

We have not referred to half of them, but I am convinced that there are hardly enough words in the English language to describe all his wickedness. The third figure that comprises the satanic trinity is called in Rev. The False Prophet originates out of the land, the ancient land of Palestine.

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The False Prophet will be the leader of the ultimate, final religious system here in this world. His purpose will primarily be to turn the worship and the devotion of the people toward the Antichrist. He will set up an image of this great world political leader, in the Holy Place of the Temple at Jerusalem, and the image will become the center of worship during the Great Tribulation.

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Sometime ago, the report was circulated that in one of the European cities, an image of the Virgin Mary seemed to move. Her eyes, according to the report, blinked and her face turned—and people by the thousands flocked to the area to wonder after the image. During the Great Tribulation, the world religious leader is going to launch a campaign focusing attention on the Antichrist.

He will even give life to the huge image. Perhaps it will be some supernatural miracle performed by Satan, or, it may be performed through some mere electronic device. At any rate, Rev. In order to be identified, every person will be marked with a number. The number is likely the most famous number in all the Bible, and one who bears that number, indicates that he worships the beast and that he submits to his authority.

No man will be able to buy nor sell neither will anyone be able to beg nor borrow , unless he shows the mark of the beast.

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No wonder Jesus urges us to watch and pray that we might be accounted worthy to escape all these things which shall come to pass on the earth Luke Shoppers at the supermarket will need to show the mark at the check-out counter. The main thought in the book of Philippians is the all sufficiency of Christ in any circumstance, good or bad.

Christ is the very meaning of life and death. My message this month will move from the typical Inspirational perspectives of the past and focus on the Instructive. The past 12 months has been a year of tragic consequences as it regards life. The concept of life has been trivialized; Norway Massacre murdered, injured at a Youth Camp in Oslo; Colorado Massacre — 12 murdered, 59 injured at a movie theater in Aurora. Each day reports fill the news channels depicting small children being killed by stray bullets from drive by shootings; pedophiles victimizing young children; disenchanted lovers and spouses killing each other and dismembering their bodies.

What can we make of this? Is there any good news to give or resolutions to remedy such atrocities? The answer is, yes.

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We must turn to God. Over the next 2 to 3 months I will deal with casual effects contributing to these incidents and touching on each of the verses in our lesson text. In September we will touch on vs. What causal theme runs through the aforementioned tragedies?