What the Heck Is Gluten and Why Should I Avoid It?

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They just launched a new gluten-free menu at their Yonge and Eglinton location in Toronto. They have focused on trying to ensure the meals are not only healthy, but also gluten-free. I tried and really liked their Pistachio Crusted Basa see image to the right. Plus it comes with a yummy arugula salad with oranges, tomatoes, and an olive oil with lemon dressing.

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The burning question I always get is whether I eat gluten. So I figured in the name of transparency I would tell you what I do.

Therefore, in conclusion, if you are a Celiac or gluten sensitive, avoid it completely. If you are not feeling your best, try eliminating it to see if you feel better. If you want to eat some gluten foods and you are a health machine who is feeling fabulous, then having some gluten from whole food sources should be fine.

This is a personal decision everyone makes for themselves. Have you gone gluten-free and seen benefits? Do you have Celiac disease and know of some good restaurants serving gluten-free foods? Has this article enticed you to try going gluten-free to see if you notice any benefits? Keep me posted in the comments section below. William Davis, MD. Very interesting!

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What are your thoughts on making your own flour with wheat berries? Do you think that is a healthy thing to do or would you recommend avoiding that form of wheat as well?

What the heck is gluten anyways? Science explains what all the fuss is about

That being said, they are likely wheat berries from the wheat that has been manipulated over the past 50 years so it would have to be a decision you make yourself or with your nutrition practitioner. In health, Briana. Great question!

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If you have a sensitivity or allergy to wheat, I would recommend avoiding wheat berries. They will definitely still have gluten in them. I know that sprouted grains help to make the grains easier to digest. A sprouted bread such as Ezekial Bread could be tried if you really like the taste of wheat, but each person is different and each body may react differently. Thanks for the question!

I used to be a pretty serious asthmatic, having to use at least five puffers at one point! I have not had to use puffer for six years, since I went gluten-free!

Is gluten bad? Is it really the devil it's been made out to be?The Naked Label

Surely wheat is wheat. It probably says may contain wheat. Meaning it was processed on equipment that wheat was processed on. After ate I felt sleepy,tired and weak.

But today when I ate felt sleepy, tired and weak and never felt that way,when I ate that before. I did tak3 a nap,but after that i still felt sleepy,tired,weak and nauseated. I am under alot of stress, work,business,kids,husband, school,deadlines. Any help? You are forgetting skin! I suffered from acne or so the derm told me for 15 years now 32 and I finally have figured it out myself. I truly cannot imagine going back. Only good things! Hi Sam! Thank you for sharing your experience!

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Skin issues are less common with gluten sensitivity, and more commonly associated with celiac disease. So glad you realized the culprit to your acne and have been able to adjust your diet to help prevent it from returning! We have been on a Paleo Nutrition Plan hate the word diet for over a year now, made a few mistakes gluten for one , but have seen really great results. So many that just mention a couple here. We believe we are both on the right path to really great health for anyone any age.

Thanks for being part of all this. I started isagenix nov 1, by nov 15th after just 2 weeks I had incredible pain relief. I had what I thought was for 15yrs, fibromyalgia as well as bad knees with arthritis and planters faciitus and the pain was near a ten every day and I was in tears every night. Every time I eat a price of bread I have random pains all over my body again.

Especially in my hands and forearms. As well as pulses of phantom pains in my feet. While that thought I was off gluten completely, I was still eating gluten and I felt no pain. Since i am new to this what breakfast dish can you recommend that i can eat? And how about juicing.

Gluten Exposure and Your Body: Here’s What Happens

I also have Acid Reflux so this is so hard. I need help with a few morni g lunch and dinner dishes please. I have bad acid reflux also! I usually have a cup of milk with a gf bagel and cream cheese. Or gf cereal. I definitely have these sythoms. When I eat gluten. I also read that when you go gluten free you increase the chance for heart disease is this true?

My decision to try a gluten free diet is fairly recent, I made the decision without any professional input. Iv figured out that I can have gluten containing foods so long as its in moderation. My stomach cramps literally making it impossible for me to walk, my body aches, my head pounds, and i get really bad waves of nausea, and my body switches between severe diarrhea or severe constipation, either way though my bowl always feels uncomfortably full!

I never new where. I got aces and pain but that goes with my Muscular Dystrophy. I also got type 2 diabetes Acid reflex and should not have cheese. Up to then no alcohol issues and drinking was infrequent but I was fine. Then after eating eggs and whole wheat bread nauseated and needing to vomit. So I researched over and over and decided to cut the wheat — I felt shocking for a week after cutting it out flu like symptoms headache further bloating but a week on I was on top of the world!